Blinks: High quality reviews and training
Blinks: High quality reviews and training
Blinks: High quality reviews and training
High quality reviews and training
High quality reviews and training

Training & Coaching

Please email Roy Blatchford - - to discuss individual training requirements and costs.

Roy Blatchford runs executive coaching for leaders and board members in the education and charity sectors (online and in-person) in the UK and internationally. Some of his ideas and approaches can be read in The Three Minute Leader (2020).

The Blinks team provides a range of bespoke training and coaching for teachers, middle and senior leaders in state and independent schools. These can be one day events, or planned as a series of days over a term or academic year. They can include visits to other schools to look at comparative practice.

Commonly commissioned topics include:
  • The cocktail of great classrooms
  • Meeting the needs of high performing students
  • EAL techniques, oracy and articulacy
  • Restless Excellence: what the best schools in the world do
  • Curriculum Matters
  • What does accountability really mean?
  • 'Tighten up to be good, loosen to be outstanding'
  • Senior team development and refreshment
  • MATs: 'equity and excellence'
The following publications feature as core texts in many of our training and development programmes:

Click here for 'Excellence as Standard', an extract from 'The Restless School'

Must Do Better
The Forgotten Third
The Three Minute Leader
The Three Minute Leader

Thinking Classroom Podcast
By Mike Fleetham
Education, Thinking, Innovation: Educator, Author and Coach Mike Fleetham explores the latest thinking in pedagogy, teaching, learning, leadership, coaching, thinking skills and artificial intelligence.

#56 Respectful Inspection
Roy Blatchford CBE has served the world of education for over 50 years. Teacher, headteacher, consultant, advisor and international thought leader, his vision is inspiring and his approach pragmatic.

In this episode I talk to Roy about Blinks and how they offer a far more effective way to empower schools to get better by making sure that the folks who work there are the ones with the agency and autonomy.

In 20 minutes we only get to the very tip of his educational iceberg. However, we do cover Tony Blair's 1997 pledge (Roy shares his 2023 version); we look at teacher standards (which Roy wrote); and we find out how the French school inspection system works. And we learn that brown is actually yellow. It all depends on if you’ve been to university.

Further training materials

APPG Oracy - Roy Blatchford CBE

Roy Blatchford talks about 'Excellence in the bones of the organisation'

The East Sussex Way - Good practice in oracy, reading & vocabulary at the point of primary/secondary transition

The East Sussex Way - Case studies in oracy, reading and vocabulary

An Oracy Framework, 3-11, rooted in C360

View from the classroom: how we have the power to improve recruitment

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